Branded PopSockets and personal designs

PopSocket Grips can be printed individually. That makes the trendy lifestyle-product a perfect company-gift and advertisement medium for everyone who wants to stand out from the masses.

Your personal logo branding direct on the most used Accessory.

Branded PopSockets are a popular way to express appreciation towards employees, customers or business partners while also providing a significant marketing and recognition value.

Executive Gift with maximum promotional impact

Design your very own advertisement medium and forget lighters, pens and other junk that will only get lost in a dark bag anyway. The back of a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, e-book-reader, etc.) is one of the best ad-spaces around. In meetings, at events or with friends – with your logo on a PopSocket, all eyes are on you.

Mobile phone, cell phone, tablet a multifunctional promotional product

Promotional PopSockets are available starting at 2,75 Euros (depending on order size), the minimum order size being 120 units. Your design is printed on the entire surface (4c) of the white button using a high quality UV printing process. For all orders, the placcordion is available in black or white – for orders of 10.000 units and more, a wide variety of colours is available.
If you have any questions, we are always happy to assist you in person or by providing a non-binding individual offer. Please complete the form below to help us answer your questions and accommodate your requests swiftly. We will get back to you personally as soon as possible with an offer and all other information that you may need.

individuelle PopSockets standard

gebrandete PopSockets aus Aluminium

gebrandete PopSockets aus Holz

Kombo PopSocket & VentMount

    Real stays real

    There are good reasons to go for the original and opt for authentic PopSockets.

    Tested Quality
    PopSockets offer tested and patented quality. Authentic PopSockets are always marked with
    Detachable without any residue and easily reusable. The adhesive side of authentic PopSockets can be cleaned with regular soap.
    PopSockets are by your smartphone’s side for its entire life.

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